Slip and Fall

Slip and Fall
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You or a loved one may suffer a slip and fall at some point in life, and the fault may be that of someone else. When you suffer a slip and fall on someone else’s property, you may have a claim if the slip and fall was caused by the property owner’s negligence. For example, such instances may involve a spill that the owner failed to clean timely. You may qualify for insurance money to cover your medical expenses and any other losses that result from the fall.

If you suffer a slip and fall on someone’s property in Missouri, you may have to contact a Kansas City Slip and Fall Lawyer. The lawyer may file the case for an insurance claim or go to court for a personal injury lawsuit. Either way, some Missouri laws will take charge such as the statute of limitations deadline for filing a slip and fall lawsuit; and the comparative negligence rules.

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The Missouri Slip and Fall Statute of Limitations
A statute of limitations is a law that fixes a time frame on your right to have a case hearing in a court of law. Depending on the case you are filing, time limits vary. In Missouri, you should report personal injury cases within five years of the date of the accident. The same applies in most of the other states, and it is the same statute that governs a slip and fall lawsuit. If you had any property damaged during the slip and fall, you should also file a court case within five years. For instance, you broke your expensive watch. A Kansas City slip and fall lawyer could prove that the slip and fall resulted from the property owner’s negligence. Filing the lawsuit after the deadline set by the statute of limitations could bar your claim for damages. The court may have to dismiss your case. However, you have to understand the facts of your case because the statute of limitation’s clock pauses on some rare occasions. That may grant you more time to file your case. A Kansas City slip and fall lawyer will explain to you in detail.
Comparative Negligence in Missouri Slip and Fall Cases
Comparative negligence tends to put shared responsibility on your slip and fall case. The property owner argues that the person that fell was partly to blame for hisƒ her fall. If the property owner is successful in pinning part of the blame on you, it may significantly affect the amount you receive after compensation. In some cases, you may not get any compensation at all. A property owner may argue that you are also to blame may include cases where the owner says; you went to appoint or location on their property where visitors are not allowed; you were concentrating on your phone while walking then the accident occurred; the footwear you wore put you at risk; some cones cordoned off the danger zone. Regardless of the claims made by the property owner, Missouri applies the comparative negligence rule. Under the rule, if you are found to be partly at fault during your slip and fall, any amount that you will be awarded for compensation will be reduced by the percentage of your fault. You, therefore, need to file a strong lawsuit against the owner of the property. You should talk to a Kansas City personal injury lawyer to help you out.
Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few of your concerns for a slip and fall case.

When you are on someone else’s property, they owe you a duty of care. If you get injured from a slip and fall while on their property, you can take them to court for the negligence of duty. Such a case is known as a slip and fall case. It involves you seeking compensation from someone responsible for the place where the lip took place but chose to be negligent, resulting in your slip and fall.

You may seek compensation for your medical expenditure and any other loss that you incurred, that is directly linked to the slip and fall. You may also seek for compensation your damaged property if it resulted from the slip and fall.

It is the responsibility of the people who own or maintain a certain property to ensure that the property’s condition is safe for everyone. They must ensure that they put in place all the necessary precautions so that someone cannot injure themselves while on that property. If the person responsible does not take the necessary precautions and someone gets injured, the responsible person should compensate the injured person. In short, you can experience a slip and fall anywhere where there is responsibility for someone to keep the place in a safe condition for everyone.

Statistics show that a lot of people slip and fall over in Missouri every year. Most people get injured and need medical attention. If the person responsible for the place did not take enough precaution, they are responsible for the damages you suffer from the slip and fall.

However, in some you may file a lawsuit then the person responsible for the area blames you for the slip and fall. For instance, they may say you were looking at your phone while walking. Therefore, you need the help of a Kansas City slip and fall lawyer every time you have such a case.

You do not need to go to court. Many of the slip and fall cases do not make it to court. The responsible parties settle the case outside court, without needing a court hearing. According to statistics, only four percent of slip and fall cases go to court.

In general, if you get suffer injury as a result of a slip and fall, you can claim compensation for the damages and medical expenditure. Speak with a Kansas City slip and fall lawyer to better determine if you may be entitled to damages.

First, seek medical treatment and document the incident. Establishing the cause of your fall is also important after you slip and fall. Take photos of the area around where you fell. Did something on the floor trip you? Is there water spillage? You also need to take the names and contact details of anyone who witnessed, even if they were not looking at you as you fell. The information they have may help, as they may give details of your demeanor, and any other conditions around the accident. Such conditions may include the weather or the lighting of the place.

If you slip and fall on someone’s business premises, notify the manager or the owner of the business about the fall. Their first response may be to write an accident report, and you should ensure that you get a copy. More backup to your case may involve taking photographs of the area of the accident.

A slip and fall at a friend’s or a close relative’s place can leave you with any questions. You do not want to spoil the good relationship that exists between you. What you should notice is that you will not be suing your friend or relative − you are suing their insurance. The homeowner’s insurance policy covers the homeowner in case there is an accident on their property. You also need to realize that your loved one will not pay for your lost wages, medical expenses, and pain and suffering. Their homeowner’s


insurance should compensate you.

The circumstances displayed here indicate how complicated a slip and fall can get. You may wonder whether it is your neighbor or their landlord who is responsible for the property at the time of your fall. You may find it hard to determine who was at fault. In Missouri, just like many other states, there exists a legal phrase known as “premises liability.” It is a legal phrase that ties the responsibility on the property owner, landlord or business owner for injuries that people incur while on their property.

This particular case is complicated because the circumstances surrounding your fall may hold the renter responsible for your slip and fall. You can also hold the landlord responsible. All that depends on the lease agreement. An interesting thing is that a third party may be held responsible too. For instance, if the landlord pays for the service of a snow removal company and they do not carry out their duties, they will be responsible for your slip and fall.

The best thing to do is to talk to a Kansas personal injury attorney. They will explain to you all the circumstances surrounding your fall.

The circumstances surrounding a slip and fall may be so complicated that you may not know what to do. Feel free to talk to a Kansas City Slip and fall lawyer to help you know the direction that you will take.

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