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A dog bite is quite a terrifying and agonizing experience. A good number of attacks resulting from animals lead to serious injuries.  As such, injuries may include disfigurement, scarring and permanent incapacitation, coupled with psychological injury on a long−term basis.

Dreadfully, these injuries may be fatal if the victim was a child. The law that rules dog bite case is more complicated than that of a car accident or an injury from a defective product.

Seeking compensation for such a case can be quite a challenging task. However, victims should seek a Kansas City Dog Bite lawyer to help them.

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Top Rated Kansas City Dog Bite Lawyer
Dog bites women in the snow. Contact Kansas City dog bite lawyer for help.
What are my legal rights in a dog bite case?

A dog bite is likely to leave a victim in a state of shock. Nevertheless, it is important for them to know their rights. In many attacks, liability for damages often falls on the dog’s owner. At times, the dog’s caregiver at the time of the incident is likely to be held liable if they were aware that the dog had a tendency of being vicious.

Dog bite victims have a right to be compensated. Typical damages that victims can get reimbursed for include income loss, agony and suffering, and disfigurement.  Additionally, future income loss can be recovered if incapacitation is permanent. Medical expenses incurred from corrective surgery may be recovered if victim was scarred in the injury.

What to do after a dog bite?

First, seek medical attention. You should contact 911 even if you have not been injured seriously. Otherwise, you risk contracting an infection or rabies if your wounds aren’t examined by a medical professional. Additionally, having medical records of your injuries can serve as evidence in your claim case.

Second, notify local emergency authorities. It is crucial that information about the dog owner be gathered and documented by animal control or emergency services in your area.

Third, take photos. Pictures of your injuries and the healing process serve as important evidence in a claim case.

Next, gather information from neighbors and eyewitnesses.

Last, get in touch with a competent Kansas City Dog Bite lawyer. 

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When to hire a dog bite lawyer?

You should be careful not to give away your rights by signing a small settlement with the insurance company. Consequently, if you agree with the settlement, you cannot receive any additional compensation. With the help of a Kansas City Dog Bite lawyer, all your expenses related to the attack and resulting injuries are put into consideration while seeking compensation.


Why You May Need a Kansas City Dog Bite Lawyer?


You are new to filing claims…

Most insurance companies might take advantage of the fact that most people are inexperienced with the process of making claims. More commonly, they might exploit this chance to diminish or deny your claims. Having a dog bite lawyer by your side can ensure that an insurance company does not get over on you. 

Liability is indeterminate…

After an attack, it is often difficult to prove who was at fault. The more the number of injuries sustained, the less the settlements disbursed. Also, it might be difficult to know whether the dog owner had any form of insurance. In such situations, dog bite lawyers are able to explore all avenues of compensation for injured victims.

The circumstances surrounding a dog bite may be so complicated that you may not know what to do. Contact a Kansas City Dog Bite lawyer for a free consultation.

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