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Many drivers of motor vehicles believe that cyclists don’t have a right to use the road. This is a bias that exposes cyclists to danger while they are on the road. They are entitled to use the road and should be respected as fellow road users. If you sustained injuries in a bicycle accident, you are legally entitled to seek compensation from the parties that led to your accident. To improve your chances of success, hire an experienced bicycle accident lawyer.

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Common causes of bicycle accidents

Cyclists have less protection than car occupants. Collisions are likely to result if:

  • A vehicle cuts off a cyclist on a bike lane while making a right turn.
  • A vehicle rams a bike from behind while maneuvering around another car parked on a bike lane.
  • A driver or passenger unexpectedly opens a door in a cyclist’s path.
  • A cyclist performs an erratic move that results in a hazardous effect.
  • A motorist or cyclist run a red light.
  • Risks of bicycle accidents can be reduced through:
  • Wearing a helmet reduces the impact of crashes on a cyclist’s head and is the best way of protecting them against head and neck injuries.
  • Installing lights and reflectors on a bicycle to aid in visibility.
  • If riding in poorly lit conditions, reflective and lustrously colored should be worn.
Reason for hiring a bicycle accident lawyer

In a bicycle accident lawsuit, the cyclist has to provide evidence that proves another party involved in the accident was negligent. They have to prove that the defendant had a duty of respecting other road users, but breached it, and as a result, some harm befell you as a result of their negligent behavior.
Such requirements make it necessary to seek legal services of competent bicycle accident lawyers to help follow up on any matters that may delay compensation from responsible parties. They have adequate experience in the legal field and are aware of all tactics that insurance companies might use to avoid paying parties the amount that they deserve.

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Liability in a bicycle accident

A cyclist may file a claim against a driver who caused the accident or against their insurance company. If the accident was caused by a pedestrian or a reckless cyclist, claims can be filed against them on grounds of violation of right of way.
Any cyclist who is to blame for an accident cannot be compensated by personal injury law. Matter of fact, they might be called upon to pay damages for injuries that resulted from the accident.
Steps to take after a bicycle accident:

  1. Wait for the police to show up at the scene before you leave.
  2. Don’t begin negotiating with a motorist as soon as the incident occurs. Some drivers may
  4. accept blame, but then change their narrative when they meet the insurance company. Discuss the issue with the police.
  5. Gather contacts of any eye witnesses around the accident scene.
  6. Take photos of the surrounding, your bicycle, other vehicles and bikes involved and injuries that resulted from the accident

The circumstances surrounding a Bicycle Accident may be so complicated that you may not know what to do. Feel free to talk to a Kansas City Bicycle Accident lawyer to help you know the direction that you will take.

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